Sunday, July 8, 2012

How To...

How to keep your mind engaged when you don't have work at work
1. Arrive in office at or after 11 AM. That way, half of the day is already over and you are closer to lunch time.

2. Check all your emails (official, personal) and twitter and facebook accounts even though its not even an hour since you last checked them.

3. Keep the above windows always open so that you can keep checking them every few mins.
4. Say hello to everyone online in Gtalk.
5. Go to coffee and Observe the following at coffee and make (mental) notes of the numbers. (Numbers are everything in today's world. Arent they?)
         a. Number of people having different kinds of beverages - coffee, tea, lemon tea, Green tea etc
         b. Number of people grabbing biscuits while sipping a beverage
         c. Number of people not having biscuits
         d. Number of people who came in only to have biscuits
         e. Number of people using pantry as a place to make personal calls
6. Go to coffee atleast twice in the day.

7. If you are really bored, look at the CC camera and wave your hand towards it.

8. Every 10 mins glance at your team members and see who is in seat and who is not.
9. Look at the ceiling and walls and pretend as if you're in a deep thought about some technical issue.
10. Extend the lunch to 1 or 1 1/2 hrs.
11. Meet all your friends near your office, one per day. (Dont meet all of them together, you wont have anyone to meet the next day)
12. Open Google News and read all the news posts.
13. Open Technology sites and browse all the latest updates even though you dont understand most of them.
14. Reboot your system every 1 hour.
15. Go to the lobby.

       a. Glance through all the newspapers for the day.

       b. Observe the following at lobby (Again numbers are everything right?)

           b1. Number of people using lift to go the next floor. (lazy people, huh)
           b2. Number of people going for the smoke.
           b3. Which lift is being used by max number of people.
           b4. Longest time anyone had to wait for a lift.

16. Try to write silly stuff like this

17. Promptly leave at 6 PM.

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