Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Steradian Trail

Computers and Algorithms, Ancient Indian texts and structures, An American professor on a visit to India, a murder investigation, a practice / ritual of an orthodox community of India and A crime of unimaginable proportions.

Can there be any connection between any or all of these? Can a story be woven around these?

M.N.Krish, through his debut novel 'The Steradian Trail' (Book #0 of The Infinity Cycle) weaves through all of these with ease and builds an interesting story, a thriller where he leaves the reader with what-happens-next suspense at every page and chapter. With simple language and adding taste to the interesting narration with subtle humor, the author leaves you with the characters, whom we see and interact on a daily basis, and their world, with which you can relate to.

If you're looking for a story on a completely new, unexplored subject, a simple, light yet engrossing thriller, go ahead and read 'The Steradian Trail'.

As the words on the cover of the book say, its "a beautifully-written, stylish novel, a gripping mystery".

Go, grab it!

Published by Westland Books, it's available on AmazonFlipkart, Google Play and Ebay and in all major book stores.

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