Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Today Take time to appreciate what you have and what you are

Today Understand that each person is unique and
Realize that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses
Hence accept them as they are

Today take time to accept your imperfections

Today accept that God has some plans which we dont understand

Today say sorry to that person whom you've hurt and acted rude.

Today start learning that thing which you so wanted to learn

Today start reading that book which is lying unread in your shelf

Today listen to your favorite music, if you didnt for a long time

Today eat that favorite dish of yours, if you have been postponing it

Today call your grandma/cousin/friend whom you didnt talk for a long time and talk to them

Today take time to look at the distant stars, the moon and think what this universe/creation is all about 
and how small/insignificant our difficulties/troubles/opinions/grudges are, in the bigger scheme of things.

Today take time to mend a relationship.

Today forgive that person with whom you're angry or who has hurt you.

Today say Thank You to that person who helped you and to that person for being part of your life

Today do that one thing which you have been postponing for so long 
and that thing which you thought you couldnt do.

Today sit and talk with that person who matters, so that your differences are sorted out.

Today try to smile and understand instead of an angry retort.

Today take it easy, everyone has problems.

Today take that one next step in your relationship/hobby/career/personal goal.

Today plan well and make your day successful.

Today take time to rest and relax if life is too stressful.

Today take time to take care of your and your family members health and think how to improve it.. physical and mental.

Today tell someone you love that you love them

Today stop seeing people in black and white, good and bad, right and wrong. Everyone has imperfections.

Finally.....Today..take time to be a better person.

Tomorrow might be too late...

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