Thursday, June 2, 2011

John Joseph

hello here comes John
chinchak chinchak chaan (background music)
soch rahe ho woh hai kaun?
he is popular than the Bollywood khan
always has his sense of humor on
At dusk or dawn
Talking to him is fun
He is the PJ Bhagwan
though some of them are yawn
Energy he has it in tens of ton
:D :P his favorite emoticon
He is never down
He will rarely frown
He can make you laugh like a clown
Cracking jokes on everything in town
Butter milk he prescribes to everyone
Meditation he has known
Uses an Android phone
replies to every comment with elan
He may look like a con
But for BBians He is the don
Is a die-hard Sehwag fan
But Now Aryan is his Jaan
hello here comes John

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